Deaf and Hard of Hearing

I am fluent enough in American Sign Language that interpreters are not necessary to have in appointments with me. I do my best to sign in structured ASL but feel most fluent with PSE.

I first started learning ASL as an undergraduate student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 1986. I petitioned for ASL to meet my foreign language requirement for graduation and won! You may remember that 1986 saw an uprising at Gallaudet and many campuses around the nation saw an increase in hearing students wanting to learn sign.

My first teacher was a CODA named Barbara Northrup. She had a ‘no voice’ policy for her classes from the very first day! Her mother, Zelma, was Deaf and blind from usher’s syndrome and sometimes she helped teach the class. What a wonderful experience! It was a great way to start my ASL education and I have continued to learn ever-since.

Look for a video soon so you can evaluate my skills yourself.