New Clients

This section of The Lighter Heart is for clients who have scheduled a first appointment with me or for returning clients who have been away for some time. Under the ‘forms’ section below, you will find editable forms to complete before we meet. These are in pdf format and should open easily with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Forms are designed to print double-sided; this means that if you print them single-sided there will be a blank page or two. Please bring the completed forms with you to our first appointment. All of these forms are can be completed using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. If you have Adobe Reader, you may fill out the form online and then print the completed form. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you may save the form to your computer, fill it out, and email the completed form to me as an attachment. Completed forms which require a signature, and which are sent to me electronically, will be printed for you at our first appointment. Please read through the ‘Privacy Policies’ too. You also might find the ‘Using Insurance’ and the ‘Insurance Jargon’ links helpful.


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