Non-Licensed Therapists

Master’s Prepared

A person who presents themselves as a master’s prepared therapist typically will hold a master’s degree in social work (MSW), psychology (MA, MS), education (M.Ed.), or some other related field. A Master’s Prepared therapist, while having received a master’s degree and/or some form of professional training has not received post-graduate supervision and has not received a license to practice psychotherapy by the State. A Master’s Prepared therapist may, however, present legitimate credentials such as the ACSW or they may refer to themselves as a Professional Counselor. Few insurance companies recognize a Master’s Prepared therapist for inclusion on a provider panel or for consideration of reimbursement. Additionally, you have little legal recourse should you seek treatment from a master’s prepared therapist and should that treatment cause ill effect.

Resident Psychiatrist

A resident psychiatrist has earned either a MD or DO degree and is in a supervised, resident program through an associated university or medical school. A resident psychiatrist has full prescription privileges and he or she is supervised by a psychiatrist. The resident psychiatrist will make you aware of his or her status as resident and will provide you with the name of his or her supervisor and how your records will be discussed with that person.

Resident Psychologist

A resident psychologist has completed doctoral studies in psychology and has earned his or her degree. Typically, a resident psychologist is working toward licensure in a APA accredited residency program and is supervised by a seasoned licensed psychologist. A resident psychologist will make you aware of that fact, and will make you aware of who his or her supervisor is and how your records will be reviewed in supervision.

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